The aim and objective of an orientation programme emphasizes the teachers as agents of socio-economic change and national development. OPs Programmes are conducted to acquaint young college / university teachers with the wider scope of their profession and people’s expectations from them, to train the teachers for better classroom interaction through practical sessions in the ASC and to develop in them a confidence towards their profession. 

The Orientation programme is intended to inculcate in the young lecturers the quality of self-reliance through their awareness of the social, intellectual and moral environment. The programme should be designed so as to enable the teachers to discover themselves and their potential through a positive appreciation of their role in the total social, intellectual and moral universe within which they function and of which they are important members. This is imperative for the educational system to become relevant and dynamic.

The Orientation programme, of 144 contact hours i.e. 6 hrs daily for a four week duration has been structured around five components viz-a-viz Awareness of linkages between Society, Environment, Development and Education; Philosophy of Education, Indian Education System and Pedagogy, Subject Up-gradation, Management, Personality Development and Distance Education with the objective of familiarizing the entrant teacher with various linkages, roles and nuances of the profession as well as equipping him/her with necessary skills for quality deliverance. Each OP therefore, must engender in the teacher awareness of the problems that the Indian society faces and the role of education in the resolution of these problems, as well as in the achievement of the goals set out in the Indian Constitution. Matters relating to subject knowledge and pedagogy, although important by themselves would be meaningful when understood in the total context of national development.