In every academic discipline, there has been a knowledge explosion. A   college/university teacher has to continuously update his knowledge in his chosen field of   expertise, or run the risk of becoming totally outdated in the very short period of time. In light of this the objectives of the refresher courses of three week duration are as follows:

  • to provide opportunities for in-service teachers to exchange experiences  with their peers and facilitate mutual learning;
  • to provide a forum for serving teachers to keep abreast of the latest advances in specific subjects;
  • to create the culture of learning and self improvement amongst lecturers;
  • to provide opportunities to further widen the knowledge to pursue research studies;
  • to introduce and enlighten them on new methods and techniques of imparting knowledge so that the participants can in turn develop their own innovative models of teaching.

As far as eligibility is concerned, participation in an orientation programme is a pre-requisite for admission to refresher course. A gap of one year is required after it. Also, there should be a minimum gap of one year between two refresher courses.  A refresher course may be permitted even during teacher fellowship provided the refresher course is in the subject, which is relevant to the teacher’s research and no extension in the teacher fellowship is sought for on this ground.

In case sufficient number of candidates is not available in a particular subject with a particular ASC in a specific subject, it may exchange participants with another ASC, which has been allotted the same subject by the UGC so as to ensure the optimum number of participants in a course. All subject refreshers are to be conducted through the UGC-ASCs and UGC-RCCs. While organizing refresher courses, the faculties of the concerned department are fully involved. 

The department actually conducting the refresher course is responsible for evolving the course curriculum in consultation with the Director of the host ASC. The course coordinator contributes in preparing high quality course material after discussion and consultation with outside eminent experts and academician of repute. Thus, an up to date course curriculum and reading material is prepared, in pace with the advancements and development in the concerned subject. The course is so prepared that the content has essential percentage of core material in the subject discipline along with the required percentage of areas of emergence and priority, essential laboratory and practical component, computer application with relevant advancement to the subject discipline.

At the end of the refresher course the participants who have got the required grades, successfully completing the course are awarded the course certificate duly endorsed with the grade acquired.